The Beasts

Oil painting on canvas, 30″ x 24″ (76 cm x 61 cm), August 2011

I’ve seen them in the outskirts of the towns and cities. Their bodies burned with light and fire … the new breed, never seen before.

I started this painting this picture before our vacation in Croatia (the summer 2010), and had it unfinished on easel for some time. When back home, it didn’t take much to finish it – it was easy because I already had a clear idea what to do.

I started this one as a digital work, experimenting a lot and leaving a whole series of different versions. The monochrome background had allowed me to put into it a great amount of fantastic images that could be seen as a story by itself (and, maybe, a source for some further ideas to paint).

The idea for this picture came to me one evening as squinting and shaking my head while watching the lights of my lamp moving …



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